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The Souvenir

En ung filmstudent i början av 1980-talet blir romantiskt involverad i en komplicerad och otillförlitlig man.

Originaltitel The Souvenir
Regissör Joanna Hogg
Manus Joanna Hogg
Genre Mysterium, Romantik, Drama, 2010-tal
Skådespelare Honor Swinton Byrne, Tom Burke, Tilda Swinton, Ariane Labed, Richard Ayoade, Jack McMullen, Tosin Cole, Frankie Wilson, Hannah Ashby Ward, Janet Etuk, Chyna Terrelonge-Vaughan, Lydia Fox, Jaygann Ayeh, Alice McMillan, Barbara Peirson, James Dodds
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Betygsantal 25
Filmnummer 134220


Filmen har inga recensioner ännu.


The film is rather slow, confusing and has a sloppy feel at first. A good knowledge of UK early 80s music helps you with the timeline though. Thematically, it deals with two subjects and is apparently rather autobiographical: 1) finding your own artistic voice and 2) a destructive relationship. The main character is rather elusive, which probably is quite international. She has basicly just arrived from space and is a blank seger of paper. The acting from the two leads is great, particularly by Burke who in a way has the easier job since his is a real character. The film enda with a question mark for me: Did the main character half-intentionally (stay in 2) to get 1)?