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FilmlistaAuteurs Gone Wild

If the Hollywood auteurs were the ghosts in the studio machine, what would they look like exorcised? Rather than author, the word "auteur" might have referred to a kind of rhetorician working within genre codes that, once decoded, would only reveal his own commentary on them. But what would happen if this auteur cleared his throat, managed a sip of water, and tried speaking in his own tongue? Typically, the critics who had authored the auteur as a placeholder and retroactive justification for their own generic interpretations would have to snub such attempts to break out of genre molds to go strange, personal places. For the irony is that these works, kind of laboratory experiments for directors to hone ideas and techniques for future work, would be too entrenched in personal idiosyncrasies to fit the personality of the rest of an auteur's canon. "Arty junk," Harry Cohn called it. Rosetta stones of sorts, furtive masterpieces for sure, they're the exceptions that prove the rule. But wait, say readers full of sound and theory, isn't "Auteurs Gone Wild" both a tautology and misnomer? If the auteur was someone whose spirit could be routed through demands of all different genres and still poke through, weren't all auteurs gone wild? Wouldn't all auteurist works mark a victory of spirit over content? Didn't Hollywood offer America's last institutionalized wilds? If so, then each of these movies is a portrait of an alternate history Hollywood would never heed.

Grevinnan från Hongkong 19672.4
Anatahan 19543.1
Under Capricorn 19492.5
Edward, Min son 19492.7
New Yorks undre värld 19382.9
Fången på Dartmoor 19353.1
Kinesflickans hämnd 19333.1
Den brustna melodien 19323.1
En kvinna i Paris 19233.2