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Vägen hem2019-12-23
Memories of Murder2019-12-21
Men Behind the Sun 22019-12-21
My Young Auntie2019-12-21
For Your Height Only 2019-12-21
Blues Harp2019-12-20
About Love2019-12-19
Maskernas kung2019-12-16
The Rape After2019-12-16
Once Upon a Time in High School2019-12-16
Come Drink with Me2019-12-15
Iron Monkey2019-12-15
36th Chamber of Shaolin2019-12-14
Picture of a Nymph2019-12-11
Moon Warriors2019-12-11
Peony Pavilion2019-12-08
Freeze Me2019-12-08
Iceman Cometh2019-12-08
Flying Daggers2019-12-06
Ring 22019-12-05
The Dragon Chronicles: The Maidens of Heavenly Mountains2019-11-30
Drunken Master II2019-11-29
Kamikaze Girls2019-11-28
Treasure Hunters2019-11-23
Slow Fade2019-11-23
New Dragon Gate Inn2019-11-23
Ninja Scroll2019-11-22
The Imp2019-11-21
Il Mare2019-11-19
Anonymous Heroes2019-11-19
Perawan disarang sindikat2019-11-18
Kekexili - Mountain Patrol2019-11-16
Mr. Vampire2019-11-15
Tokyo Raiders2019-11-15
Men Behind the Sun2019-11-14
The Cat2019-11-14
Den röda lyktan2019-11-13
Bichunmoo - De flygande krigarna2019-11-13
Mat, dryck, man, kvinna2019-11-10
The Grudge - Förbannelsen2019-11-10
Big Bullet2019-11-10
The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires2019-11-09
My Sassy Girl2019-11-09
Pray for Death2019-11-09
God of Gamblers2019-11-09
Curry and Pepper2019-11-09
Police Story2019-11-09
Once Upon a Time in China2019-11-09
Musa - The Warrior: Princess of the Desert2019-11-09
The Duel2019-11-09
Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' On Heaven's Door2019-11-09
Minnen av kärlek2019-11-06
Para Para Sakura2019-11-02
My Wife is a Gangster2019-11-02
The One2019-11-01
Visitor Q2019-11-01
The Big Holdup2019-11-01
Killer Clans2019-11-01
Why Me?2019-11-01
Inspector Pink Dragon2019-11-01
Blood Brothers2019-11-01
Shaolin Temple 2: Kids from Shaolin2019-10-31
One-Armed Swordsman2019-10-31
Warriors of Heaven and Earth2019-10-31
Shaolin Hand Lock2019-10-29
Fox Legend2019-10-29
Don't Tell My Partner2019-10-29
First Shot2019-10-29
Guerrillas On the Plain2019-10-29
New Police Story2019-10-29
Sex and Fury2019-10-29
Purple Sunset2019-10-29
Challenge of the Tiger2019-10-29
Gappa, the Triphibian Monster2019-10-29
Schoolday of the Dead2019-10-29
Crazy Lips2019-10-29
Lawyer Lawyer2019-10-29
Fight Back to School2019-10-29
Razor 3: Who's Got the Gold?2019-10-29
Razor 2: The Snare2019-10-29
The Razor: The Sword of Justice2019-10-29
Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield2019-10-29
Battle Creek Brawl2019-10-29
Duell i Söderhavet2019-10-29
The Ultimate Ninja2019-10-29
Battlefield Baseball2019-10-29
964 Pinocchio2019-10-29
Suicide Club2019-10-29
Boxer From Shantung2019-10-29
The Young Ones2019-10-29
Village of the Eight Tombs2019-10-29
When the Last Sword is Drawn2019-10-29
Battle Royale II - Requiem2019-10-29
Double Vision2019-10-29
All Night Long 32019-10-29
Dead or Alive 22019-10-29
Blind Fist of Bruce2019-10-29
Zatoichi 4: The Fugitive2019-10-29
Zatoichi 1: The Tale of Zatoichi2019-10-29
Young and Dangerous 52019-10-29
Young and Dangerous 42019-10-29
Young and Dangerous 32019-10-29
Young and Dangerous 22019-10-29
Wife to Be Sacrificed2019-10-29
Whispering Corridors2019-10-29
The Sino-Dutch War 16612019-10-29
Rage of the Master2019-10-29
Oxen Split Torturing2019-10-29
My Schoolmate the Barbarian2019-10-29
Legacy of Rage2019-10-29
Leave It to the Nurses2019-10-29
Human Lanterns2019-10-29
Heroes Two2019-10-29
God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stage2019-10-29
Getting Any?2019-10-29
Dang Bireley and the Young Gangsters2019-10-29
Between Calm and Passion2019-10-29
All About Lily Chou-Chou2019-10-29
All Night Long 22019-10-29
All Night Long2019-10-29
Painted Skin2019-10-29
In a Distant Land2019-10-29
An Empress And The Warriors2019-10-29
Shanghai Dreams2019-10-29
Deadly China Dolls2019-10-29
Blood of the Dragon2019-10-29
Postman Fights Back2019-10-29
The Vampire Doll2019-10-29
Beauty and the 7 Beasts2019-10-29
Juvenile Delinquents2019-10-29
Blind Mountain2019-10-29
First Strike2019-10-29
Police Story II2019-10-29
Whispering Corridors 2: Memento Mori2019-10-29
Warm Spring2019-10-29
The Rebel2019-10-29
S-21, la machine de mort Khmère Rouge2019-10-29
Shanghai Grand2019-10-29
Rice People2019-10-29
King of Beggars2019-10-27
Dragon Fight2019-10-27
Nang nak2019-10-26
Haunted Mansion2019-10-26